Custom Tours

Our custom made tours lasting from a few days up to a couple of weeks

All our tours include a private driverguide with an appropriate vehicle. The custom made tours include accommodation, travel and guiding. Dining is planned in the itinerary and can be included upon request. Flights are not included. Specified stops will be made for lunch and coffee. All the tours and itineraries can be modified according to your wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us at for any questions or requests!

Visit the Peninsula of Snæfellsnes, the setting of Jules Vernes’ Journey to the Center of the Earth. Explore the historic area of Borgarfjörður with it’s hot springs and lava field cascades. With iconic mountains, lava fields, glaciers and hot springs, in this four day trip you see it all, as well as keeping off the trodden path!

Ride along the south coast in this six day excursion. Renowned for it’s waterworks, in the south the rivers and glaciers flow. Stunning waterfalls and breathtaking iceberg-filled glacier lagoons. Don’t forget the endless black shore, facing the vast Atlantic Ocean. Here the Vikings of old first came ashore over a millennium ago.

Nowhere is nature more pristine in Iceland than in it’s far western reaches. Here the Arctic Fox still roams free and relatively unbothered. Still today mass tourism hasn’t reached these remote fjords. See the abandoned ruins of the whaling station at the edge of the world, Hesteyri. Feel the embrace of the mountains and the call of the sea, all in the West Fjords.

The desert interior of Iceland is noted for it’s remarkable harsh beauty. A place NASA saw fit as a training ground for the moonlanding. The trip also takes you around the eastern fjords of Iceland, where you’ll find some of the most interesting places on the Island. Quaint fishing towns and lone lighthouses dot the green sloping hills of the serrated mountains.

This is the full experience! Iceland has much to offer and on this tour you’ll see it all. From the glacier lagoons in the south to whales and puffins in the maritime villages in the north. You’ll see Mývatn, the great volcanic lake of the northern interior, and skirt the East Fjords. All in the great two week Grand Tour of Iceland.

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